The Desire for urban living drives the adaptive reuse of vacant schools.

Talk about sweet memories. Roughly two-thirds of the tenants in the 71 affordable apartments at the Residences at Wiley H. Bates Heritage Park don't just call the community home -- they call it their alma mater as well. Wiley H. Bates High School sat vacant and boarded up for more than 20 years. But through community efforts and a seasoned adaptive reuse development team, the school was transformed from an eyesore into a residential and cultural milestone on West Street, the tree-lined promenade awash in colonial architecture and historical ambiance that leads visitors to the downtown eateries, bookstores, and museums of Annapolis, MD.

Debt financing outlook likely to improve as equity investment slows


The outlook for affordable housing in the coming year is probably better than it was a year ago, but only slightly. In a phrase, one might say the heat is off. In an election year, with the Federal Reserve Board more concerned about recession than inflation, and with home building likely to keep slowing, the overheated real estate market is experiencing a welcome cooling trend, or as some call it, a return to sanity.

(Woodland Hills, California, January 12, 2007) – The Alliant Company, LLC, the parent of Alliant Capital, Ltd. (“Alliant”), today announced the closing of its acquisition of EF&A Funding, L.L.C. (“EF&A”). Financial terms were not disclosed.

Alliant is a leading sponsor of affordable housing tax credit partnerships with offices nationwide. Founded in 1997, Alliant is among the top sponsors in the nation, having raised more than $2.4 billion in investor equity and sponsoring over 41 corporate tax credit funds. Its partnerships have developed over 433 properties in 38 states making Alliant one of the top 25 multifamily property owners in the United States.

Visitacion complex shows how to add new homes to old cities.

(San Francisco) - You don't expect San Francisco's best-looking batch of new homes to be tucked against the Daly City border, with the vast Cow Palace parking lot stretched out across the street.

But just off Geneva Avenue in Visitacion Valley is where you'll find a complex called Carter Terrace snapped snug into a hillside, its streamlined buildings filled with residential flats stacked three and four high. The look is right-angled and sharp, as crisp as can be, but accents like cedar railings on the balconies add a graceful warmth.