By partnering with Alliant, investors fulfill public policy goals by helping to create high-quality affordable housing for America's low income families and senior citizens while still achieving dependable and attractive returns.

Under the leadership and expertise of highly experienced principals and key employees, Alliant balances growth with attention to quality underwriting and asset management.  We believe successful investments require ongoing commitment by our team through the, acquisition process to the consistent, detailed evaluation of each property's construction and finally through close monitoring of operations.

To further deliver on promises to investors, Alliant's asset management department strives to provide the most comprehensive asset management and investment analysis. The seamless integration between our proprietary database, intranet, extranet and Web site allow us to produce sophisticated investor reports including information on asset management and investment projections.

For information on investment opportunities with Alliant, please contact Stacie Nekus.

60 Units
Claremore, Oklahoma